Business Owner Upset Pc Combine-Up Prompted Tens of millions In Destruction To Legal Marijuana Farm

A improve procedure raid went mistaken, according to a cannabis farmer who claimed legislation enforcement brought about millions in hurt due to the fact of a blend-up.

“The cops just started off going proper to operate. They employed a landscape crew to come in and start out chopping stuff down so suitable absent they went correct to perform and didn’t permit any person inquire queries,” claimed Rodney Topkov, The CEO of Earth Research Labs.

He explained he woke up to video clips of Lincoln County District Attorney’s Job Force destroying his crops.

“You under no circumstances think in a million several years that you would be having a cellphone get in touch with from staff saying you don’t have the proper paperwork,” he explained.

Topkov reported there is more than $10-million really worth of hurt.

“They destroyed all of our drip line irrigation, our stakes, t-posts, the complete trellising to maintain the crops up. They pushed anything into a pile and ruined that back garden. That back garden was intended to be valued at $3-4 million,” he mentioned.

He said yet another backyard was also ruined.

News 9 spoke to the district attorney’s office environment who mentioned they had a look for warrant from the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics to finish the raid.

“Our original verify of the system did not come across anything at all but a second test this early morning on a different database did expose that this was a licensed facility,” reported Mark Woodward with OBN.

He stated the confusion stemmed from a databases transform back again in July.

“Agencies now should summit in composing the request for that small business. Then there will be various queries by numerous individuals in the two databases until all the info has been moved above,” reported Woodward.

Topkov desires to know who’s to blame.

“We need to have to get what we worked for fastened and get us back again to par,” he mentioned.

OBN said they will have to wait and see who will protect the damage.