GNO Inc. banking on Louisiana’s wind energy marketplace

Louisiana is primed for growth in the wind power business, according to New Orleans economic enhancement firm GNO Inc.

In a new tale posted by WVUE, GNO Inc. President and CEO Michael Hecht notes that the largest turbines in the earth are being produced in New Orleans East, offshore wind farms in the Gulf of Mexico are most likely to be designed in the upcoming couple of years, and Louisiana’s experience as an electricity condition “will help lead the way for new alternatives in Louisiana.”

As a result, the corporation has begun a wind electricity initiative—dubbed the GNOwind Alliance—that aims to rework Louisiana into an offshore wind production hub and perpetuate the deployment of deepwater wind farms in the Gulf.

With a lot of notable power companies already branching out into renewables, Hecht says Louisiana’s conventional oil and gas providers are commencing to transfer in the same direction.

GNO Inc. states Louisiana is No. 4 in the U.S. for prospective in wind energy, many thanks to its relatively shallow continental shelf and prevailing offshore winds. It states wind turbine blades are now being made that can stand up to hurricane-force winds.

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